Get Complete Pest Control From the Inside Out

Get Complete Pest Control From the Inside Out

Call Promise Pest Control of Ohio to handle your pest problem

Your property’s boundaries extend beyond the walls of your home or business. That’s why Promise Pest Control provides both interior and exterior pest control services. We can treat the inside of your property to terminate:

  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas
  • Roaches
  • Spiders

Our exterminators will treat your entire property to make sure we get rid of all your pests. You’ll breathe easier knowing that pests aren’t inhabiting your home or business.

Hire us for thorough interior pest control in Akron, Fairlawn, and Hudson,OH.

Enjoy the great outdoors without the presence of pests

You shouldn't be confined to your property because outdoor pests threaten to interrupt your relaxation. Promise Pest Control handles:
Ant removal
Bee removal
Mosquito removal
Wasp and bee removal

We'll treat your lawn and the entire perimeter of your property so you can enjoy more time outdoors. Pests won't be coming near your home or business once we're done.

Schedule exterior pest control for your Akron, Fairlawn, or Hudson,OH home or business by calling us today.